Soap Lake School District #156

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Superintendent's Message


Message from the Superintendent

Soap Lake School District


     Every school year is a chance to begin a fresh start, with new goals, high expectations and wonderful plans for the future. Together I hope we will improve instruction, increase student learning, develop a pleasant environment and have a safe school year.


     The Mission Statement of the Soap Lake School District is to make quality education and learning experiences available to all students. The District is committed to helping all children develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes fundamental to achieving individual satisfaction and to becoming responsible, contributing citizens. The District promotes the development of intellectual, physical and creative competencies and skills of all students to their highest potential.


     As superintendent, my vision is that every member of this district have access to resources that will provide the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skill and ability to achieve the level of success each member desires, in the endeavor they choose to pursue, as outlined in our mission statement. Our goals, expectations and initiatives are designed to facilitate all of us to the achievement of that endeavor for each of us.


     Reflection Statement: A caring and collaborative professional environment, high quality leadership, curriculum and goal alignment, focused intentional instruction with comprehensive data analysis of teaching and learning will prove most important in assisting us to continually meet the obligations of our mission statement.


     Action Plan: As superintendent, I plan to develop action steps within each initiative in connection with our Soap Lake School District leadership team, the Danielson framework and the Center for Educational Effectiveness to help us all meet the annual obligations of our mission statement.

I will promote and facilitate goal alignment within the admin team. These action steps will be relayed to the staff annually for continued success in meeting the needs of all of our students.





Rick L. Winters