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Highly Capable

Highly Capable is a state program that helps to fund planning for the basic education state requirement to support high performing students with individualized services.

Please see OSPI's information: Highly Capable Program
Below you will find the 2020 Highly Capable Program Referral. A screener assessment may be required for your child. Parent permission is needed for this step. Please fill out the Program Referral Form below.  The send it by mail to Soap Lake School District, 410 Ginkgo St S., Soap Lake, Wa. 98851, or you could also scan it to Joyce Pearson at after completing, or send it to school with your child. 
The assessment process will occur through May 2020. A multi-disciplinary team will meet to decide on what students will best benefit from this program. Students do not have to apply every year and the district will supply services through grade 12. 
Below you will find the 2019-2020 SLSD Highly Capable Program brochure