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Annual Pesticide Notification

The Soap Lake School District, in accordance with state law, is providing written annual notification to parents or guardians and employees describing the District’s pest control policies and methods. It is the policy of this school district that the health and safety of students and staff shall be of primary concern when pesticides are used to control weeds, molds, moss, fungus, rodents, insects and other unwanted pests.

Pesticide applications will be made by trained District employees or commercial pest control applicators. District employees will obtain appropriate licenses as necessary. Students may apply pesticides under the supervision of a teacher as part of the agriculture/animal husbandry/horticulture/science program.

The District will provide notification at least 48 hours before applying a pesticide if school will be in session within 48 hours of the application. This notification will be posted in a prominent place in the main office of the school/site. Also, it will be distributed to interested persons who arrange to be notified by mail, email, or phone with the District (call 509.246.1822 to make arrangements for notification). The pre-notification at a minimum shall state: “Notice: Pesticide Application” and include the product name of the pesticide to be applied, the intended date and time of application, the location to which the pesticide is to be applied, the pest to be controlled, and the name and phone number of contact person at the District. An application to a District property must be made within 48 hours following the intended date and time stated in the notification or the notification process will be repeated. Pre-notification is not required if the school facility application is made when students do not occupy the school for at least two consecutive days after the application. The pre-notification requirements do not apply to any emergency school facility application for control of any pest that poses an immediate human health or safety threat, e.g. an application to control stinging insects. When an emergency school facility application is made, notification consistent with the District’s notification system shall occur as soon as possible after the application. Pre-notification is not required for application of antimicrobial pesticides or the placement of insect or rodent baits that are not accessible to children.

The District or commercial applicators will, at the time of application, post notification signs for all pesticide applications made to District property. When applications are made to the grounds, a 4 x 5-inch notification sign will be posted at the primary points of entry to the treated area. When applications are made in or on a building (including playground equipment), an 8.5 x 11-inch notification sign will be posted at the location.

Pesticides applied on a regular basis (more that twice a year anywhere in the District) include Roundup Original Herbicide, Moss-Out, Misty Insect Spray, Raid Wasp & Hornet Killer, d-Con Bait Pellets II Kills Mice, and Advance Granular Ant Bait. Other pesticides may be used on an occasional basis.

Pesticide application records and an annual summary can be obtained by contacting the District Office at 509.246.1822